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RICS Valuation Survey

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If you have bought a house using Help to Buy, HomeBuy Direct or similar shared equity schemes, you may need an valuation. A valuation is required when a shared ownership property, such as one purchased through Help to Buy, is sold or re-mortgaged. Such valuations let all parties know how much money their share of the property is worth. You will also need a valuation if you want to repay your loan or purchase the remaining equity.

Valuations are also carried out for mortgage purposes. These valuations help lenders know whether their loan is secure.

A valuation must be carried out by an independent Valuer. The valuer will assess how much the property is worth using the criteria we set out in a professional standards that ensures a high-quality service.

What does RICS Valuation Survey include?

  • Inspection of the property by a certified surveyor local to the area.
  • Overview of the property, its construction, location and accommodation
  • Overview of the property’s general condition, with photographs
  • Details of three comparable properties nearby that have been sold recently
  • Valuation of the property, with a detailed description of the evidence and assumptions used
  • We carry out a full conflict of interest check upon inspection to ensure no conflicts exist
  • Our report will be on headed paper and signed.
  • The inspection date will be shown on the report

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